Tips to get your cat calmly and safely to the vet clinic

Acclimatise your cat to the cat carrier in advance, preferably from a young age. Leave the open carrier somewhere accessible to the cat, with soft bedding, toys and treats, so they can use it as a normal cat bed. Reward and praise your cat for using the carrier.


Locate your cat well in advance of their appointment. If possible encourage the cat to enter the carrier itself. Place familiar items  such as toys or blankets in the carrier, as they carry the scent of home. Spraying Feliway spray into the carrier 30 minutes before use will help to make your cat feel calm. Covering the cage with a blanket will also help your cat feel safe. Don't forget to secure the carrier when in the car. 



Videos on selecting the right type of carrier, and how to get your cat used to it can be found at: